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City of Cerritos response and investigation into EPA pollution study

Updated September 8, 2009

"Press-Telegram" article: "EPA apology to Cerritos clears the air" (August 20, 2009) (PDF)

EPA, CARB & AQMD Fact Sheet: Air Toxics Risk in Cerritos, CA (August 18, 2009) (PDF)

ENVIRON Presentation (August 18, 2009) (PDF)

Air Quality Management Agencies Presentation (August 18, 2009) (PDF)

EPA letter of apology to the City of Cerritos (August 11, 2009) (PDF)

Mayor's letter to the community (August 3, 2009) (PDF)

Long Beach CNN Local Edition: Mayor Bruce Barrows EPA Report

"USA Today" retraction article (printed on page 2), (July 27, 2009) (PDF)

Mayor's Article: "City of Cerritos investigating EPA pollution report" (July 2, 2009) (PDF)

South Coast AQMD Fact Sheet on EPA pollution study (June 25, 2009) (PDF)

AQMD finds no significant air toxic risk from Santa Fe Springs metal facility (July 9, 2009) (PDF)

Results of SCAQMD investigation of an EPA Air Toxics Report finds no significant toxic risk from Santa Fe Springs metal facility (July 10, 2009) (PDF)

"Press-Telegram" article: "Cerritos air isn't a toxic hot spot" (July 10, 2009) (PDF)

"Los Angeles Times" article: "EPA erred in figuring Cerritos' cancer risk" (July 11, 2009) (PDF)

Anapom Ganguli, Ph.D., Public Advisor, South Coast Air Quality Management District July 9, 2009 Cerritos City Council Meeting Highlights of a report relating to information submitted by the Environmental Protection Agency and the South Coast Air Quality Management District as it pertains to air quality issues

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