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“The Elements”

at the Cerritos Sculpture Garden

Updated March 18, 2016

The Elements

Cerritos Sculpture Garden The Elements The Elements The Elements The Elements The Elements

“The Elements” is a collection of four art pieces created by artist Jane DeDecker, representing the four elements of nature – Earth, Wind, Fire and Water – as embodied by female figures inspired by ancient Greek and Roman sculptures.

Artist Jane DeDecker was recently awarded with the C. Percival Dietsch Award for the “Wind” sculpture from the 75th Annual Awards Exhibition of the National Sculpture Society in New York.

Each bronze figure is approximately 6 feet tall and carved in an abstract impressionist style. The figures are part of a limited edition of 11 pieces for each sculpture. The Cerritos Sculpture Garden is currently the only location to have a complete set of “The Elements.” The four sculptures stand in a reflecting pool with a fountain located in the center of the Sculpture Garden's main plaza. The area is enhanced by a tall architectural hedge.

Artist's Statement

The Four Elements and Four Directions have had a significant influence on our traditions and teachings throughout the ages. Their roots in alchemy, astrology and psychology prove to provide us with a balance in nature and a harmony in relation to everything that coexists in our environment. They are universal archetypes that represent the necessary elements comprising our sustenance in the world, and capture our personal, miraculous existence within that grand spectrum of life. These are my interpretations of those earthly goddesses and the bounty I feel they put forth toward all man kind. I hope you enjoy these creations and find the existence of each one within yourselves.

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