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at the Cerritos Sculpture Garden

Updated March 18, 2016


Mirage Mirage Mirage

“Mirage” is located in the Cerritos Sculpture Garden. The piece was created by artist Ted Schaal of Loveland, Colorado. The contemporary bronze piece is approximately 7 feet, 9.5 inches tall by 15 feet wide. “Mirage” was selected by the City of Cerritos through a Call for Artists for a site-specific piece for the Cerritos Sculpture Garden.

Artist's Statement

The title of this abstract sculpture is Mirage and it is about those ethereal phenomena, which are impossible to actually touch. I was inspired by a desert mirage where a distant mountain range appeared to float in the sky, and this is my attempt to represent it in permanent sculpture form. Creating a horizon and diffusing it with the mirrored stainless orb, which is split in half, I achieve the illusion of a floating landscape. The sculpture is about depicting the mirage's ability to refract light in a way that the earth and sky are combined and diffused, making it difficult to tell exactly where one stops and the other starts. The oblong shape and symmetry of the sculpture causes the form to expand and contract as you approach it and walk around it. I believe that this piece invites the viewer to walk around and view it from different vantage points in an interactive experience.

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