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Updated June 9, 2011

The Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Division develops and maintains geocoded electronic maps of the City.  The GIS Division provides data and mapping services to all City departments.  The City’s GIS maps enhance maintenance record keeping and facilitate planning for the future use of City resources.

Development of the GIS system began with an inventory of City property by City crews using a satellite and computer-based program called the Global Positioning System (GPS). Crew members used a survey instrument to direct a laser beam at a piece of City property, such as a street tree. Using a distance measurement of the beam and satellite readings from an antenna, a computer record of the exact location of the property was taken. Using the GPS, employees created an inventory of fire hydrants, water meters, street trees, water valves, sewer manholes, street lights, telephone poles and stop signs.

City employees converted the existing hard-copy development maps of the entire City into digital format (GIS) and then linked this information with GPS data which had been collected to develop a computer simulation of the City which is exact to within less than 1 meter of accuracy. This work involved more than 15,000 parcels, 28,000 street segments, 50,000 GPS collected City assets and 100,000 addresses.

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