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City Flag

Updated December 23, 2009

City Flag, click to enlarge

The City of Cerritos flag is composed of three colors: deep blue, green and gold. The upper portion of the flag is deep blue and the lower quarter features a green curved horizontal border. It is accented with a gold star in the upper left corner, and the City of Cerritos logo is placed on the right side of the flag.

The blue represents the clear blue skies of Southern California’s year-round mild climate. The green symbolizes Cerritos as a “Tree City” and depicts its healthy environment. The curved bar across the bottom of the flag reflects the beautiful landscape of the City, and represents the English translation of Cerritos, meaning “little hills.” The star relates to the State of California flag and symbolizes Cerritos as a shining example of a great place to live. The gold City logo represents the established identity of the City.

The flag is currently displayed in the City Council Chambers.

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