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Residential Main Water Valve Shut Off Instructions

Updated April 1, 2022

Water valve diagram

To prepare your family for a water emergency such as a broken pipe, show them how to turn off the main water valve to your house.

For most Cerritos homes, the water valve is located at the faucet in front of the house where a hose can be connected. Just below the faucet is a valve, usually with a round or oval handle, that controls the flow of water to the house.

To shut off the water to the house, turn the round or oval handle to the valve clockwise.

The main water shut off valve should be periodically checked to see if it is working. To test the valve, first turn it off by turning it clockwise. Then, try to turn on the hose faucet. If water flows through the faucet, the valve is broken and should be repaired immediately.

more infoFor more information about water service in Cerritos, call the City's Water Division from 8 a.m.-5 p.m., Monday through Friday, at (562) 407-2674. For water emergencies after hours, call (562) 860-4018.

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