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What is Green Building?

Updated December 23, 2009

Green building is an environmentally conscious building practice that enables architects, contractors, developers, and residents to use natural resources effectively and efficiently to provide healthier and more energy-efficient homes and buildings. Build It Green, a non-profit organization which promotes green building, has identified the following techniques as efficient green building practices:

  • Using sun and orientation of buildings on site to take advantage of natural heating, cooling, and daylight
  • Landscaping with native, drought-tolerant plants and water-efficient practices
  • Building quality, durable structures
  • Reducing and recycling construction and demolition waste
  • Insulating and ventilating appropriately
  • Incorporating durable, salvaged, recycled, and sustainable materials
  • Using healthy products and building practices
  • Using energy-efficient and water-saving appliances, fixtures and technologies
  • Using shading elements including trees, trellises, overhangs, and awnings for natural cooling

The City's Green Cerritos program aims at protecting the environment from the impacts of development and construction. The green building techniques mentioned above serve to preserve the environment for future generations by conserving natural resources and protecting air and water quality. Green building techniques benefit the community by reducing maintenance and replacement costs, helping to reduce utility bills, and increasing property values in Cerritos.

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