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Transportation Efforts

Updated August 23, 2022

LED Traffic Signal Replacement Program

The Department of Public Works has replaced all of the City's traffic signal lights with new light-emitting diode (LED) lamps. The new LED lamps are more efficient than conventional signal lights and require approximately 60 percent less energy to operate.

Traffic Signal Synchronization

To facilitate traffic movement, increase fuel economy, and reduce the amount of emissions generated, the City has synchronized the traffic signals surrounding the Los Cerritos Center and the Cerritos Towne Center. In addition, the City is working with Los Angeles County to synchronize all signal lights on Artesia Boulevard, as Artesia Boulevard is one of the City's busiest arterial streets.

Cerritos on Wheels (COW) Vehicles

The City's Cerritos on Wheels (COW) fixed-route transportation service utilizes propane vehicles rather than gasoline or diesel. Propane gas is a clean-burning fuel that increases energy efficiency and provides convenience and performance benefits to the City. To obtain schedule and route information for the Cerritos on Wheels transportation service, or to find information about Cerritos Dial-A-Ride and other transit connections in the City, visit

Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Vehicles

Over the last few years the City of Cerritos has made it a priority to change and replace existing City vehicles with new CNG vehicles. Compressed Natural Gas is a fossil fuel substitute for gasoline or diesel. In 2007, the City constructed its first CNG fueling station at its Corporate Yard. The City has purchased three fleet vehicles through clean air grants and will continue to look for funds to purchase additional vehicles. In addition, all street sweeping vehicles in Cerritos utilize CNG and, in a revised contract with Athens Services, all Athens Services vehicles are CNG operated.

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