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Trash Bin Permits

Updated January 11, 2023

To rent a trash bin for a remodel or other home project, please call Athens Services at (833) 791-2376. Pursuant to Section 6.080.030 of the Cerritos Municipal Code, the City has entered into a contract with Athens Services to provide the exclusive waste hauling services in the City of Cerritos. No other contractor is permitted to provide trash bin rental services within the City.

When trash bins are placed in a resident’s driveway, no permit is required. However, a permit must be obtained if a trash bin is to be placed on a street. The City of Cerritos Public Works Department issues permits that allow applicants to place a trash bin on a residential street. The cost of a permit is $50, and grants the applicant permission to place a trash bin on a residential street for up to seven (7) days. The permit can be extended at no charge for an additional seven (7) days. This program is limited to trash bins, and does not apply to storage containers. To obtain a permit to place a trash bin on a residential street, contact the Cerritos Public Works Department at (562) 916-1220.

Storage Containers

Section 22.22.700(28) of the Cerritos Municipal Code limits the placement of storage containers in the front yard of a residential property for a period of up to seventy-two (72) hours. This provision does not allow for, and the Public Works Department does not issue permits for, storage containers placed in the public right-of-way. Further, storage containers in a resident’s front yard are not permitted to encroach upon the public sidewalk. Storage containers are permitted on residential streets without a permit while they are being actively loaded or unloaded and, as such, cannot be on a street overnight.

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