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Commercial Recycling

Updated June 26, 2013

With the passage of Assembly Bill 341 (AB341), businesses and public entities that generate four (4) or more cubic yards of waste per week and multi-family units of five (5) or more are required to participate in a recycling program. The purpose of the new State law is to reduce greenhouse emissions by diverting commercial solid waste from landfills and expand opportunities for recycling in California.

The City of Cerritos and its exclusive franchise waste (and recycling) hauler, CalMet Services, make it convenient for businesses and multi-family complexes to meet the requirements of AB341. Many businesses in Cerritos participate in the City's mixed waste processing program in which CalMet Services processes solid waste to recover recyclables. Many more businesses have taken a more active role by setting up an on-site source separation program with the assistance of CalMet Services.

To find out more information on commercial recycling, please contact the City of Cerritos Environmental Services Division at (562) 916-1226.

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