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Cerritos Air Disaster Memorial

at the Cerritos Sculpture Garden

Updated March 18, 2016

Cerritos Air Disaster Memorial

Cerritos Air Disaster Memorial Cerritos Air Disaster Memorial Cerritos Air Disaster Memorial

The Cerritos Air Disaster Memorial pays tribute to the victims of the air tragedy that occurred in Cerritos on August 31, 1986. On that date, an Aeromexico flight collided with a smaller aircraft directly above the City, resulting in the loss of 64 people on the Aeromexico flight, three people on the smaller aircraft and 15 people on the ground. The tragedy became known as the Cerritos Air Disaster and prompted the implementation of safer procedures for airport approaches and departures.

The sculpture, designed by artist Kathleen Caricof, features three elements representative of the three groups of people that perished. The piece is created with three different materials including white and dark gray marbles and black granite. The materials have been sculpted into two free-form shapes in the likeness of abstracted wings, which are symbolic of flying, weightlessness and release. The wing-like pieces are approximately 10 feet tall and 14 feet tall, including the pedestals. A third element is placed horizontally and serves as a bench for visitors to rest on and reflect.

The people of Cerritos offer the memorial in memory of those who perished in the disaster, and to provide comfort and serenity to those who lost loved ones in the tragedy.

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