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Sign Regulations for Cerritos Businesses

Updated February 2, 2021

Introduction | Temporary Signs | Window Signs | Prohibited Signs


The City's sign regulations were established based on the idea that the main purpose of signs is to identify businesses and direct customers, but not to advertise. Signs have a strong impact on the character and quality of the City. As a prominent part of the scenery, they attract or repel the public and affect the safety of motorists. Their size, placement and appearance help set the tone of the neighborhood and the City in general.

The following signs are allowed in Cerritos, once the business owner has obtained approval from the City's Community Development Department. Sign permit applications are available at City Hall's Community Development Counter from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. The phone number is (562) 916-1201.

Temporary signs

Temporary signs, flags, banners, balloons and pennants are permitted for grand openings, special events and promotions. Temporary sign permits are issued by the Department of Community Development at no expense to the business owner. All temporary signs must comply with the following conditions:

  • Temporary signs are allowed a maximum of five time periods per year;
  • Each time period is a maximum of 14 days;
  • Flags and pennants may be used during one promotional period per calendar year;
  • One exterior banner on each elevation may be permitted;
  • All banner signs must be attached to the building structure;
  • A permit must be obtained for each time period before any temporary signs, flags, banners, pennants or balloons are placed;
  • The sign permit application is subject to the approval of the Director of Community Development.

Window signs

Window signs include any sign, picture or combination designed to communicate information about business activity. Window signs are typically located upon and/or within 12 inches of window panes. Window signs are permitted subject to the following conditions:

  • The total sign area must not exceed 10% of the available window area per business (not to exceed 50 square feet per business);
  • The maximum number of window signs is one sign per each building elevation if the total window area is 250 square feet or less;
  • The maximum number of window signs is two per each occupancy level if the total window area is greater than 250 square feet.

Prohibited Signs

The following signs are not allowed in Cerritos:

  • Signs or sign structures that conflict with any traffic control sign or device;
  • Signs that create a safety hazard, such as animated signs without permits or roof signs;
  • Statuary signs without permits and other freestanding signs;
  • Off-premises signs or temporary signs that identify or advertise a product or business that is no longer on the premises;
  • Bench signs;
  • Signs painted directly on an exterior wall, fence, fascia or parapet;
  • Lewd, indecent signs;
  • Flags, banners, balloons and pennants, unless the business owner has obtained a City permit;
  • Signs on City property without prior authorization from the City;
  • Signs painted, mounted or displayed on vehicles or equipment parked and visible from the public right-of-way, unless the vehicle is regularly moved in the normal day-to-day operations of an on-site business;
  • Signs on awnings;
  • Exposed neon on building exteriors.


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