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Why do Business in Cerritos?

Updated November 20, 2020

Introduction | Location and Innovation | Good Business Sense | All About Cerritos


From the many communities in the Southern California area, why should the City of Cerritos stand out? In addition to its central location, financially secure local economy, beautiful environment, and innovative approach to development and services, Cerritos offers special incentives for businesses. The City has always taken a proactive approach to working as partners with the business community.

A City business ombudsman is available to address the concerns and questions of local businesses and guarantee that these businesses receive a prompt and complete response.

Many amenities are available to businesses in Cerritos, including a local library that is ranked in the top one percent of libraries in California, award-winning parks and recreation facilities and programs, public safety programs through the Cerritos Sheriff's Station/Community Safety Center, an inexpensive and convenient local transit system, available affordable housing, a community college and top-rated school district, and a world-class performing arts center.

Cerritos is interested in showing you why we're different from other Southern California communities. Please call or write us to learn more about why Cerritos is truly a city with vision.

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Location and Innovation

The dynamic City of Cerritos is located in the heart of the Los Angeles/Orange County metro center, midway between downtown Los Angeles and the business centers of Irvine, Santa Ana and Anaheim.

Because Cerritos is virtually the geographic center of the Los Angeles Basin, it has become one of Southern California's premier commercial crossroads. Cerritos is served directly by three major freeways and is close to two others.

The master planned city lies along the Los Angeles-Orange County line, about 30 driving minutes from Los Angeles International Airport and the John Wayne Orange County Airport. Cerritos is seven miles from the Long Beach Airport and 10 miles from the Port of Los Angeles.

While Cerritos' central location has spurred its growth, innovation and leadership have sustained it. The City has pioneered in many areas which have both tangible present-day benefits as well as symbolic value. From building America's first solar city hall, to undergrounding all utility lines, to opening the most unique performing arts facility in the country, Cerritos is an exciting place to live and work.

Good Business Sense

California Business Magazine calls Cerritos one of the 100 best places to do business in California. Cerritos is home to many companies that agree, including United Parcel Service, AT&T Wireless Services, Delta Dental and Xerox Corporation.

Cerritos is a thriving commercial center which has built itself on a foundation of financial security, central location and an environment which is beautiful and efficient.

Civic leaders, planners and an involved citizenry have taken the innovative steps which have resulted in this modern day success story.

Cerritos is home to the world's first and most successful regional auto center—the Cerritos Auto Square—according to J.D. Power and Associates. The Auto Square broke the old mold by locating competing dealerships in a convenient, freeway-close location, providing one-stop automobile shopping.

Los Cerritos Center changed the way people thought about shopping when it opened in 1972. The Center has been so prosperous that it has undergone three expansions since its opening and a fourth expansion project will be completed in Spring of 2010.

The new Cerritos Towne Center combines office, retail, hotel and entertainment facilities in one master planned project. The Towne Center has become one of Southern California's most strategic crossroads providing a hub linking Los Angeles and Orange Counties, as well as the Inland Empire. The far-sighted development is a rare example of a unique public-private partnership in which more than $400 million has been invested in the community.

Cerritos' 845 acres of master planned light industrial land are beautifully landscaped areas with many amenities and a clean, park-like atmosphere. Strict ordinances, setbacks for commercial properties, low crime rate, an educated work force, beautiful housing and many award-winning recreational facilities have enhanced the City's economic attractiveness.

All About Cerritos

This community of more than 51,000 people has been called the most ethnically diverse community of its size in the United States in a study conducted by California State University, Northridge. Cerritos stands as an example of how many persons of different ethnic and cultural backgrounds can live together in harmony.

Employment within the city is primarily located in two regions, Los Cerritos Center and Cerritos Industrial Park. Businesses found in the industrial park provide thousands of jobs in light manufacturing and assembly of electronic and automotive parts, as well as many other products. United Parcel Service, the City's largest employer with a staff of over 1,700, is located in the Industrial Park. Los Cerritos Center's many retail businesses provide for more than 2,800 full and part-time positions and the Cerritos Auto Square's dealerships employ 1,985 people.

Together, the flourishing retail and industrial trades are responsible for the city's $2.1 billion taxable retail sales and the $7.2 billion assessed property valuation.

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