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Residential Color Palette

Updated April 6, 2020

A no-fee paint color permit is required prior to the painting of any Cerritos residence. To assist residents in making color selections, the City of Cerritos maintains an approved residential color palette, which exhibits all of the colors that are approved for use on the exterior of any residential structure. The color palette is organized by color group and displayed according to corresponding specific design elements (stucco, siding, trim, and accents). For convenience, an on-line version of the residential color palette is provided below.

Note: The colors shown below are for illustrative purposes only. Due to differences in computer monitors, printers, and other hardware and software combinations, the colors below are intended to be used as approximations of color. Obtaining a physical paint color sample is highly recommended, and homeowners must obtain paint color approval in person at the Department of Community Development in City Hall. Homeowners are not required to use any particular paint manufacturer, provided that the paint color is comparable to a color in the approved palette.






Add any combination of colors into My Palette below for a side-by-side comparison. Click on a color above, and additional information will appear below. Then click the appropriate button to add the color to Stucco, Siding, Trim, or Accents in My Palette. To remove all colors from My Palette, click the red "Clear My Palette" button below. To print information regarding the colors in My Palette, click the blue "Print My Palette" button below.



Color Name:  
Color Family:  
Design Feature:  
City Code:  
Add to Stucco Add to Siding Add to Trim Add to Accents
Siding Trim
Accents Stucco

For your convenience, a copy of the Paint Color Permit Application is available on-line for download and printing. The application must be submitted in person to ensure that colors have been verified by the applicant. Copies of the application are also available at the Department of Community Development. For additional information, contact the Department of Community Development at (562) 916-1201.