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Aluminum conductors are safe for homes

Updated April 6, 2020

If your home is wired with aluminum conductors, and you have a problem with one connection, it is not necessary to re-wire your entire home.

Residents have reported being advised by electricians that aluminum conductors are not approved for use within homes, and they should replace the entire electrical system with copper conductors. This information is not correct and can lead to unnecessary repair work which can cost thousands of dollars. Aluminum conductors are actually just as safe and efficient as copper conductors, according to building and safety inspectors.

If you notice that a plate on a switch in your home feels warm, it may mean that the connection at that point is oxidized and is in need of repair. You should arrange for an electrician to repair that connection, but not the entire electrical system in your home.

Individuals with some knowledge of basic home repairs may even be able to handle the repair themselves. If you would like more information on aluminum conductors, or instructions on how to replace or clean a bad connection, call the City's Building and Safety Department at (562) 916-1209.

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