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Legible addresses should always be posted

Updated April 6, 2020

In any emergency, it's crucial that Sheriff's deputies, fire fighters or paramedics are able to read the address numbers on Cerritos homes and businesses.

Through the years, however, the numbers on many Cerritos buildings have faded, fallen off or been removed and never replaced. Addresses painted on curbs may also be faded, or blocked by a parked vehicle.

To enhance public safety, the Cerritos City Council recently directed City building inspectors to verify that an address is posted whenever they inspect a new building or home improvement project. In order to obtain final approval for their projects, Cerritos home or business owners must have their property address posted in a location that is clearly visible from the street. Numbers must be a least three inches tall.

Address numbers are available at most hardware and home improvement stores, and all Cerritos property owners are encouraged to post them. For more information, please call the City's Community Development Department at (562) 916-1201.

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