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Burglar Alarm Permit / Application

Updated November 23, 2020

Permit Application

Burglar alarm systems can provide an early detection method for criminal activity for businesses and homeowners. The systems can be a useful crime deterrent, however, when the systems generate false burglar alarm calls, they can cause a significant drain on police resources.

To deter false alarm calls, the City Council adopted an ordinance setting a fine structure for multiple false alarm activations. Provisions of the ordinance include:

  • An alarm company operator or alarm agent who installs, maintains or repairs any alarm system within the City must obtain a business license from the City.
  • All persons who own, lease, rent or otherwise possess an alarm system must obtain an alarm permit from the City.
  • Any person who maintains a business or personal alarm system, without a permit, and after receiving a notice to obtain a permit fails to apply for one within 15 days, shall be deemed guilty of an infraction.
  • There is no fine for the first three false alarm incidents in any one calendar year.
  • Upon the fourth incident in any one calendar year, a fine of $30 is imposed.
  • Upon the fifth incident in any one calendar year, a fine of $50 is imposed.
  • Every incident occurring after the fifth incident is subject to a fine of $100.

As stated above, alarm owners need to obtain a permit from the City at no charge. Permits can also by obtained by calling (562) 916-1266.

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