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Business Spotlight

Razor USA, LLC

Updated November 19, 2020

Proclamation presented February 26, 2015 to Razor USA, LLC at Cerritos City Council Chambers.

The Razor brand embodies the spirit of fun and freedom. It defies boundaries and sometimes even gravity. Razor has always focused on providing the very best riding experience, combining cutting-edge technology, high-quality materials and innovation to deliver products designed to suit riders' evolving lifestyles.

The company was founded with the introduction of its now legendary kick scooter, which quickly became an essential ride for anyone on the go. In early 2000, Razor USA LLC President Carlton Calvin read a brief item in the "Los Angeles Times" about the popularity of push scooters in Japan. By then, Calvin had already found some success with a line of fingerboards — miniature skateboards that became a hot collectible for boys — and was itching for a new venture. Calvin thought scooters could be a great action sports product. He got one from Japan, tried it and loved it — first as a consumer.

"I rode the Razor scooter all around my warehouse and fell in love with it as a user. I was thinking about scooters as a business opportunity," said Calvin. "It was fast, fun, totally cool-looking."

At first Calvin simply wanted to secure the license to make a miniature scooter for his finger board line, but the more he scooted around, the more sure he was convinced that the Razor scooter could be incredibly hot in the United States. Calvin went to Taiwan to meet with the owner of JD Corporation, which manufactures the Razor scooter, and they agreed to form a U.S. company to market the brand in America — Razor USA LLC, which was formed in June 2000.

Today, Razor offers a full line of wheeled goods that are available worldwide and have expanded to include kick scooters, ride-ons, electric-powered scooters and mini-motorcycles. Razor has won numerous awards for its innovative products, including Toy Industry Association's Outdoor Toy of the Year for the Razor scooter, RipStik and Crazy Cart.

Razor USA LLC chose to establish its U.S. headquarters in Cerritos because of the City's proximity to the ports. However, even after outgrowing its original warehouse space, the company remained in Cerritos because of the friendly welcoming community and the year-round beautiful, sunny weather that is necessary for product testing.

The company sponsors Team Razor, a group of pro scooter athletes, and has helped usher in the action sport of scooter riding, which has evolved from local skate parks to global competitions and tours.

Razor USA LLC is located at 12723 166th Street in Cerritos. The phone number is (562) 345-6000 and the website is Razor can be found on social media @RazorWorldwide and #RideRazor.

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