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at the Cerritos Senior Center

Updated September 17, 2014


Celebrating the golden years is something in which the Cerritos Senior Center at Pat Nixon Park takes great pride. For several years, staff has sought art pieces that capture the grace of aging, balanced with the strength of happiness. The search ended with the discovery of “Serenade.” Installed in June 2001 at the Cerritos Senior Center, this life-size, bronze sculpture depicts a scene where a gentleman is playing the violin for his lady who is sitting on a park bench, which has an additional seating area where one could sit and rest or be photographed. The artwork stands approximately 76" high, 72" in length and is 48" deep. “Serenade” was placed outside the front of the Senior Center.

Sculptor Dee Clements comments,“'Serenade' depicts love, friendship and loyalty. It is a portrait of two people who have spent their lives together. As they reminisce through symbols of the rose, the book and the violin, the piece shows the deep appreciation of another's unique worth.”

Dee Clements has a master's degree in sculpture and is a member of the National Sculptures' Guild. Dee has also been commissioned by the City to create a sculpture of Paul Revere, which was placed in Heritage Park in 2001.

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