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Cable Modem and Internet Service Providers

Updated October 16, 2014

The City of Cerritos does not provide an Internet access service. Services are provided by private companies which charge subscription fees.

Cable Modem

Charter Communications offers cable modem service throughout Cerritos. Prices and speeds range from 10 Mbps down/1.5 Mbps up to 256 Kbps down/56 Kbps up. For prices and more information visit Charter's website or call (866) 499-8080.


Verizon offers DSL service to Cerritos homes that are within 16,000 feet of one of the company's central offices. DSL technology limits the service to this range. Company representatives report that Verizon is working on improving the reach of DSL service. To find out if a home or business in Cerritos can receive DSL service, please call (888) 483-9703, or visit the website at

A website located at contains a listing of Internet Service Providers offering DSL service. The site allows you to check services offered by companies by entering your telephone area code.

Satellite Internet Service

Satellite Internet access is offered in Cerritos by the following providers:

  • DirecTV — Call (855) 463-7359 for more information, or visit the website at
  • Exede — Call (855) 627-2553 for more information, or visit the website at
  • HughesNet — Call (866) 347-3292 for more information, or visit the website at

Verizon FiOS

Verizon is deploying a fiber network throughout Cerritos to offer its FiOS product with high-speed Internet access, television and telephone services. For basic billing inquiries or to sign up for FiOS TV, customers can call (888) 553-1555 or visit the website at

Wireless Service

Wireless, high speed Internet access is provided throughout Cerritos by Verizon Wireless. The connection to the Internet is carried on Verizon's network of cellular telephone service antennas. Call (866) 899-2862 for further information, or visit the website at

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