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City to convert street lights to LED technology

August 31, 2018

Under an incentive program offered by Southern California Edison (SCE), the City of Cerritos will replace the High Pressure Sodium Vapor (HPSV) streetlights in all residential tracts and arterial streets with newer Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology. Conversion to the new LED technology will result in a savings to the City due to reduced energy usage.

The Cerritos City Council approved using 4000 Kelvin (K), 100 Wattage (W) equivalent LED street lights for residential and 4000K existing wattage equivalent on arterial streets. The new fixtures will provide whiter and brighter lighting compared to the City's existing HPSV lights. Conversion to the new LED lights is estimated to take place in mid- to late-November of this year.

In 2017, the City entered into an agreement with SCE to implement the lighting conversion program. Under this program, SCE will replace all SCE-owned street lights with LED light fixtures with no up-front costs. SCE owns and maintains 4,583 streetlights in Cerritos. The City pays SCE a monthly fee that includes required maintenance. Following the conversion, SCE has calculated an additional cost to the City of approximately $30,000 per year for 20 years. After 20 years, the City will realize a savings of approximately $53,000 per year at the current energy unit rate due to reduced energy consumption.

The City of Cerritos held two street lighting demonstrations during the 2017-2018 period to allow community members to view and vote on the different lighting options available. The options varied in color temperature and light levels. There were a total of 126 public responses. Ninety-seven percent of survey participants supported the conversion, with 41 percent preferring the 4000K, 70W fixtures for residential tracts and 30 percent voting for the 4000K, 100W lights for residential tracts. Eighty-one percent of survey participants selected the 4000K lighting for arterial streets. Several cities recently have undergone streetlight conversion to LED technology, including Downey, Lakewood, La Palma, Long Beach and San Diego.


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