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Short-term rentals prohibited in Cerritos

August 30, 2016

The City Council recently approved an ordinance prohibiting short-term rentals in Cerritos. The ordinance took effect on August 13, 2016.

Short-term rentals refer to leasing or renting a residential dwelling unit (in whole or in part) for 31 days or fewer. The two most common types of short-term rentals are vacation rentals and home-sharing rentals, which are now both prohibited. City-approved and permitted hotels located in commercially zoned areas are not considered short-term rentals under the ordinance.

The ban strives to protect residential neighborhoods from the noise, nuisances, added traffic and other adverse factors that can arise with short-term rentals.

The City will notify all short-term web-based providers to immediately remove Cerritos listings, and will contact all existing owners of known short-term rental listings to cease and desist operation immediately. Appropriate measures will be taken against those who violate the City ordinance.


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