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City saves drinking water by irrigating with recycled water

February 26, 2016

The City of Cerritos has long been committed to the preservation of the environment. Faced with ongoing water shortages in California, the City has taken several measures to conserve its natural resources through a recycled water distribution system. Cerritos irrigates more than 200 acres of City-owned property, including most parks, parkways, decorative fountains and medians, with recycled water.

The use of recycled water saves approximately 815 million gallons of potable drinking water per year, and is billed monthly at about half the cost of drinking water. In addition to being used on City-owned property, the recycled water is used to irrigate schools, a county park, a City of Lakewood Park, a cemetery, freeway landscaping and some privately owned landscaped areas. The waste water originates from industries, businesses and homes and is treated by a three-stage process by the Sanitation District before being used for irrigation.

For more information about the City's recycled water system or water conservation, call the Water Division at (562) 916-1223.

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