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House-painting guidelines beautify neighborhoods

May 27, 2016

Homebuyers and new businesses are drawn to Cerritos by the City's attractive neighborhoods. Beautiful homes, landscaped sidewalks and more than 30,000 trees lining the streets help make Cerritos an appealing place to live and work.

The City's exterior paint-color ordinance protects property values and Cerritos' park-like appearance. Before buying paint or hiring a contractor, homeowners must obtain a paint-color permit at City Hall. There is no fee for the permit. City staff conducts a quick check to ensure that the proposed color(s) fit well with Cerritos' neighborhoods before issuing the permit.

Cerritos' residential color palette is available on the City's website – – which also features an interactive tool allowing residents to create and evaluate custom-color combinations. The palette can be accessed in the "I Want to …" and "Resident" sections of the site.

The online color palette includes pull-down menus for the color family and design features (stucco, siding, trim and accents). Residents can select colors for each design feature, and hues are displayed in a layout of swatches in the "My Palette" area. There are more than 500 colors in the palette, which can be combined to create 400,000 distinct color combinations. As color displays vary between computers, monitors and printers, the online display is offered as a general guide for the types of colors available in the approved color palette.

After selecting colors, residents can click on the "Print My Palette" button. A new window appears, providing instructions on obtaining paint-color approval from the Department of Community Development.

Samples of the 500 colors in the City's approved palette are available for review at City Hall. Residents can also pick up paint samples for their choice of exterior and trim colors at the local hardware or paint store. They should then bring the paint-color samples to the Community Development counter on City Hall's second floor between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. A City planner will review the choices and compare the colors against the City's approved exterior paint-color palette.

The palette provides color combinations that are the most suitable for residential properties and was prepared by a professional color consultant. To determine how a paint color will look on a home, residents are advised to purchase a quart of the paint and apply it to an area of their home.

For more information, call the Planning Division at (562) 916-1201.

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