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Cerritos Electric Utility

Updated September 10, 2020

The Cerritos Electric Utility became the newest and most uniquely formed public owned utility when it commenced retail operations in July 2005. Its development was a result of the Cerritos City Council's conscientious decision to take control of rising electrical costs and insulate the City from the unreliability of electric energy. Starting in 2002, the City became a member of the Southern California Public Power Authority and participated in the construction and operation of the Magnolia Power Project along with the member Cities of Anaheim, Burbank, Colton, Glendale and Pasadena.

The City is entitled to receive 4.2% share of the Magnolia Power Project's power output with a primary goal of serving City-owned facilities such as the Cerritos Library, the Cerritos Center for the Performing Arts, the Cerritos Senior Center and City Hall, and the City's Water System, which includes the pumps and electrical gear that operate the wells, reservoirs and supply system. The Cerritos Electric Utility also serves public and private schools and major retail customers in the City with electric power at a cost less than that offered by Southern California Edison. Long term customers such as the ABC Unified School District have realized significant savings over the course of their 5-year contract with the Cerritos Electric Utility. Other beneficiaries include the Los Cerritos Center (Macerich, Nordstrom and additional mall businesses) and several auto dealers in the Cerritos Auto Square. The utility serves approximately 300 customer accounts and provides approximately 66 million kilowatt-hours of energy every year.


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